Before Your Trip

How many people can go on the boat?

Up to 6 people, this is based on U.S Coast Guard regulations

Also, 6 people is 6 people, no matter the age or if they will be actively fishing or not

Do you offer split charters?

Yes! We do offer split charters. Sometimes, they can be a bit tough to put together but if we have or you find another party

willing and ready to split the trip with you, we will do a split group. Still, no more than 6 people total!

Do you take a deposit?

No, we do not take a deposit. We will take your credit card information when we confirm your reservation, but do not process a charge. We have a 5-day cancellation policy.  If you need to change or cancel the charter, please let us know at least 5 days prior to the charter date or there is a $500 cancellation fee.  Nothing is charged until after the charter and you are welcome to pay cash, check or credit card.  Please note, there is a 3% credit card processing fee.

Will we get sea sick?

Possibly, although we hope not!   We've seen all types of people get sick and all types of people not get sick.  We tell our customers one of the best things to do is to take a Bonine or Dramamine and a ginger vitamin (available at drugstores) the night before and the morning of the charter.